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What is ESMF?

The Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) is software for building and coupling weather, climate, and related models. Read more about ESMF.

About ESMPy

For Python users, ESMPy offers the power of ESMF grid remapping through an easy to use interface.

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The National Unified Operational Prediction Capability (NUOPC) and its research partners are working toward a common model architecture - a standard way of building models. The NUOPC Layer defines conventions and templates for using ESMF, and makes it simpler to adopt the framework. Learn more about the NUOPC Layer.

What's New

Introducing the Earth System Prediction Suite (ESPS): The ESPS is a collection of major U.S. weather and climate models and model components that are compliant with the ESMF-based NUOPC conventions. Visit the ESPS website. May 2015.

ESMF in the Earth System Prediction Capability: Under a new ONR award, ESMF is working with partners from the Navy, NCAR, Argonne National Laboratory, and other centers to bring the HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) into the Community Earth System Model, and to increase the efficiency of coupled systems on accelerator-based computing platforms. Visit the ESPC Infrastructure website. November, 2013

Introducing Cupid: The ESMF team, together with partners from NASA and the Georgia Institute of Technology, received a new award from NASA to develop Cupid, a training environment for ESMF. Work under the Cupid award includes bringing the GISS Model E climate model into ESMF, and enabling users to modify and run it through Cupid. Visit the Cupid website. February, 2013

ESMF in NCL: ESMF 5.2.0rp2 regridding functionality has been incorporated into the 6.1.0-beta version of the NCAR Command Language (NCL) visualization software. ESMF adds fast parallel regridding, higher-order interpolation, and additional grid support. The additional grid support enables bilinear, first-order conservative, and new higher-order interpolation methods to be supported on curvilinear grids and unstructured meshes as well as rectilinear grids. Read more on how to use ESMF in NCL. May, 2012

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Only interested in generating interpolation weights?

ESMF has the option to build a standalone application that can generate interpolation weights in parallel (RegridWeightGen). It's fast and can handle a wide variety of grids and grid options. It's not necessary to use the rest of ESMF to use it ... just provide grid files in a standard (netCDF-based) format. Read more about the RegridWeightGen application here.

More about grid remapping

The tables at this link describe supported grids, interpolation methods, and options in ESMF.